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Welcome to Raising Sustainability!!

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Living the Green Dream: From Houseplants Hobbyist to Sustainable Eco-Warrior

As a self-professed plant lover, I've finally found a fantastic reason to satiate my evergreen dream of owning a verdant indoor jungle. In the past, nurturing my houseplants felt like secret projects, always competing with the pressing demands of life. Regrettably, many of my plant companions didn't survive this clash due to lack of attention and sufficient care knowledge. After all, nurturing a house full of plants necessitates the possession of a green thumb, and who has the time to master the art of indoor gardening in this fast-paced world? However, the tide has changed, and my time has finally come!

Vibrant indoor jungle filled with lush greenery. Various species of houseplants thrive in creatively arranged pots and recycled plastic hangers, transforming the living space into a verdant oasis. Sunlight filters through the leaves, casting a tranquil, dappled glow
Welcome to my indoor oasis dream. Each leaf represents a step in our journey towards a more sustainable world. With recycled hangers and a love for greenery, our home is transforming into a verdant haven. Join us in growing dreams and nurturing nature.

In recent years, my desire to transform my humble abode into a jungle-like haven started resonating on a deeper level, fueled by the rising global call for a more sustainable world. It wasn't just about beautifying my living space anymore - it was about contributing to a healthier planet. My partner and I embarked on a journey, seeking effective ways to contribute to environmental sustainability. The path led us to the world of permaculture, nonprofit organizations, and studies focused on creating a more sustainable world.

A flourishing backyard permaculture garden, alive with color and diversity. Vegetable patches, herbs, and companion plants grow in harmony, embodying the principles of sustainable agriculture. Recycled materials are creatively used to enhance growth, and wildlife-friendly features foster a vibrant ecosystem. The garden stands as a vivid symbol of our commitment to nurturing the Earth.
Blossoming in harmony with nature. Our backyard permaculture garden thrives, a testament to the power of sustainable cultivation. Join us as we grow, learn, and savor the fruits of mindful gardening

The culmination of our quest was the establishment of a sustainable business crafting artistic, functional items from recycled plastic. The goal? To showcase an innovative, efficient method to recycle plastic that can be replicated globally and transformed in a business.

And what could be a better product to start with than plant hangers, those charming holders that would provide the perfect home for my growing collection of houseplants?Through the creation of these recycled plastic plant hangers, we are not only advocating for a greener environment but also fueling my lifelong dream of filling my house with a diverse variety of plant species. Now, I've got the perfect excuse to plunge headfirst into learning all there is about these beautiful creatures of the vegetative kingdom. Finally, my love for houseplants and passion for environmental sustainability have intertwined into one exciting endeavour!

A carefully crafted plant hanger made from recycled plastic, holding a selection of lush, thriving plants. Combining art with environmental consciousness, the hanger not only enhances the beauty of the space but stands as a symbol of innovation in recycling and sustainable living.
Beauty and sustainability entwined. Our recycled plastic plant hanger cradles life, turning a simple corner into a green masterpiece

Join us as We share our journey towards nurturing our indoor jungle and promoting a more sustainable world through our business and lifestyle. With each new leaf, every recycled plant hanger, and all the knowledge gained, our home slowly transforms into a vibrant, green-filled haven - a testament to the power of merging personal passion with environmental responsibility.

Together, we can explore the depths of houseplant care, marvel at the beauty of these glorious vegetative creatures, and join hands in transforming our living spaces into indoor jungles. More importantly, we can demonstrate how we, as individuals, can make a meaningful impact towards a more sustainable world, one recycled plant hanger at a time!

Our indoor greens production using an eco-friendly hydroponic system

Living the green dream isn't just about a house filled with plants; it's about the green thumb you develop, the sustainable living practices you adopt, and the greener world you contribute to. Leading a more sustainable life can be achieved in numerous ways, and I particularly enjoy a few key practices. I delight in crafting chemical-free soaps, shampoos, and cleaning products, as well as preserving and dehydrating foods and herbs from my garden. I also love growing our own produce, sowing flowers to nourish bees, and planting berries for the local bird population to enjoy. I invite you to join us in this journey towards sustainability and witness our home as it grows into a beautiful, plant-filled paradise!

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