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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Sustainable Artisan is more than just a brand; we're a mission to redefine the relationship between people, art, and the environment. We believe in celebrating the beauty of craftsmanship while prioritizing the health of our planet. Our ethos is rooted in sustainability, ensuring that every product we offer is responsibly manufactured with minimal environmental impact, as we help to keep plastic waste out of sensitive environments. We take pride in our eco-conscious process, ensuring every step from collection to finish product minimizes environmental impact. By supporting Sustainable Artisan, you're are also contributing to a more sustainable and equitable world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to breathe new life into discarded materials, transforming them into beautiful pieces of functional art. We are transforming a problem into a solution by seeing excess plastic not as 'waste,' but rather as a resource with untapped potential. It's only when we don't use this material that it becomes a waste. We are demonstrating a way communities around the world can enrich themselves with an affordable new recycling system. Our culture must stop producing & depending on single-use plastic. In the meantime, and in the wake of realizing industrial plastic recycling's inadequacies, in is up to people like you & us to find a solution to the plastic problem.

Eco-friendly plant hangers with thriving plants, hanging by a sunlit window, symbolizing sustainable living and the beauty of greenery in interior design.
SteeleJ-Couldn't live without this tool

Our Vision

Imagine communities around the world once again enriching themselves by producing their own culturally relevant goods from a material that was used to be considered a big problem. Our vision at Sustainable Artisan is to help pioneer a global movement of eco-friendly artisan recyclers. We aim to be a leading influence in the journey towards a circular economy, where waste is minimized and resources are utilized to their fullest potential. Our dream is to inspire households, businesses, and communities worldwide to appreciate the intrinsic value of recycled art, understand its role in preserving our planet, and adopt responsible consumption patterns. Together, we can create a world that merges creativity, functionality, and sustainability in perfect harmony.

Our Values

  1. Sustainability: The greatest threat humanity faces is our acceptance of an unsustainable culture. To live sustainable live, we must be supported by sustainable producers. This is why our process utilizes only renewable energy and takes nothing more from nature. By transforming discarded plastic into long-lasting good, we ensure this material stays out of sensitive ecosystems.

  2. Creativity: With a sustainable production system in place, we feel justified in expressing our full creative potential! This is a new artisan craft ideal for our modern culture. Thru pattern and design, this versatile material opens the door to unique creative potential.

  3. Community: Our community is the heart of our operation. By recycling locally sourced plastic and crafting goods for our community, we actively contribute to a circular economy which bolsters local prosperity. Through our free local collection service, we demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability while fostering a more vibrant community.

  4. Integrity: We believe in doing business ethically, transparently, and responsibly. We hold ourselves accountable to our mission and values at every step of our process and take pride in showing off our eco-friendly production process.

  5. Education: Our knowledge of ecological issues and an awareness of greener paths is at the foundation of creating a sustainable future. We are dedicated to demonstrating and educating others about more sustainable ways of living & creating.

Jeff working in the shop

Our Story

In a bustling neighborhood lived a remarkable couple named Jeff and Gabi. United in love and a shared passion for the environment, they sought to create something meaningful, sustainable, and beautiful, a legacy they could pass on to their son, Luciano, and the world at large.

Jeff, a practical man with a heart full of artistry, had a profound connection with the environment. His love for permaculture, sustainability, and entrepreneurship converged into a unique skill set that allowed him to view discarded plastic containers not as trash, but as a canvas for transformation. The sound of birds chirping became the rhythm to which he worked, and his workshop, a sanctuary where creativity and sustainability danced a harmonious waltz. Every curve, every color, every pattern of the functional art pieces he created echoed his deep respect for Mother Earth and his commitment to her preservation.

Meanwhile, Gabi harbored a dream. She envisioned a home filled to the brim with greenery, a living sanctuary radiating with life. Her love for plants intertwined with her passion for sustainable living and holistic health. She complemented Jeff's work by intricately weaving the plastic shelves into macrame hangers, creating the perfect companions for her thriving indoor garden. As a foodie and an experimental home chef, she nurtured her family with meals prepared from her home-grown produce. She ventured into creating a chemical-free home, lovingly concocting eco-friendly soaps, detergents, and cosmetics, showing the interconnectedness of health, wellbeing, and environmental impact.

Then, there was Luciano, their little beacon of hope. His wide-eyed curiosity and infectious laughter were a constant reminder of the urgent need for a healthier, more sustainable world. His presence ignited in them an unwavering commitment to create a better future for him and generations to come.

Inspired by Gabi's vision and driven by the joy of Luciano, Jeff and Gabi turned their humble home into a testament to sustainable living, a vibrant symbol of hope and inspiration for their community. Each day, their shared mission to live harmoniously with nature became more intertwined with their lives, and the idea of Sustainable Artisan was born. A family-run business that marries art with sustainability, Sustainable Artisan represents their journey, their commitment, and their dream for a greener world.

Sustainable Artisan offers a diverse range of eco-friendly products crafted from recycled single-use plastics. Beyond the beloved plant hangers, Jeff and Gabi have developed a variety of unique home decor items, including colorful soap dishes, sturdy shelving, home office organizers, etc. Each product is a testament to their creativity and dedication to sustainability, embodying their mission to reduce waste and inspire others to live sustainably.

With every product purchased, you're not just buying a functional piece of art; you're joining a family's story of love, creativity, and sustainability. Together, we can create a brighter, greener future for all.

Meet The Team

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