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Dive into a realm where luxury meets sustainability with the elegant "Urban Marble Duplet." Crafted from recycled materials, its pattern flawlessly emulates the classic beauty of marble, harmoniously blending white, clear, and nuanced black shreds. The Duplet's two-tier design becomes a canvas for this artful blend, amplifying the elegance of any space it adorns.


Key Features:


  • Signature Urban Marble Pattern: A modern reinterpretation of timeless marble, showcasing the grandeur of urban innovation and environmental consciousness.
  • Compact Two-Tier Design: Perfectly sized to bring sophistication to smaller spaces while offering a layered display for your beloved plants.
  • Eco-Conscious Crafting: Made from recycled plastic, every detail stands as a testament to our commitment to marrying beauty with sustainability.
  • Versatile & Stylish: Seamlessly complements a range of interior styles, from contemporary to classical, adding a touch of luxury to every setting.
  • Sustainable Impact: With each purchase, you endorse a sustainable future, demonstrating that luxury can be synonymous with eco-responsibility.
  • Dimensions:

            Length: 92 cm

            Circumference: Bottom 21 cm and top 17 cm


Immerse your space in refined elegance with the "Urban Marble Duplet" and let its understated luxury be a constant reminder of the beautiful harmony between style and sustainability.

Plant Hanger- 2 tier Black and White Medium Size

SKU: 2.01.M
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