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Venture into nature's embrace with our lush "Forest Canopy Duplet" 2- plant hanger, inspired by the world's lushest landscapes. Immerse your interiors in a verdant dream, where green shades blend seamlessly with white and clear specks, capturing the essence of a forest's canopy.


Key Features:

  • Forest Canopy Pattern: Step into wilderness with this rich design. Like a leafy retreat, occasional touches of yellow or varying green tones emerge, celebrating the forest's dynamic charm and its seasonal transitions.

  • Circular Shaped Tiers: The elegant circular design provides a beautiful stage for your beloved plants, creating an atmospheric green focal point in any room.

  • Locally Recycled Plastic: Sourced from neighborhood waste, this eco-conscious material speaks of our commitment to a greener world, all while reducing environmental footprint.

  • Handcrafted Excellence: Masterfully designed by skilled artisans, each Duplet stands as a sturdy testament to craftsmanship, offering both style and durability.

  • Two-Tiered Display: The double-tier structure offers an opportunity to showcase a mix of your favorite plants, encapsulating the beauty of a vertical garden.

  • Sustainable Beauty: The fusion of the "Forest Canopy" design with the Duplet’s form brings forth a product that not only complements a range of interior styles but also champions sustainability.


Let the "Medium Duplet in Forest Canopy" be your tribute to nature. By choosing this design, you not only embellish your space with the beauty of the outdoors but also echo a commitment to preserving our planet's green wonders.

Plant Hanger 2-tier Forest Canopy Green Medium Size

SKU: 2.10.M
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