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Dive into a symphony of design and function with our Elegant "Auspiciously Single" 1-tier hanging shelf, graced with the sophisticated "Urban Marble" pattern. Every shade of white, clear, and the subtle hint of black intertwines, mirroring the timeless elegance of genuine marble. This is not just a shelf; it's an emblem of urban innovation where art meets sustainability.


Key Features:

  • Urban Marble Elegance: Drawing inspiration from the classic allure of marble, the shelf showcases a unique blend of colors, encapsulating luxury in every detail.

  • Sustainable Yet Luxurious: Crafted from recycled plastic, every nuanced streak stands as a testament to our commitment to meld beauty with environmental mindfulness.

  • Versatile Display: This 1-tier hanging shelf is an ideal platform to display your cherished artifacts, plants, or books, while effortlessly enhancing your decor.

  • Durable Design: Designed for longevity, its sturdy structure ensures that beauty doesn't compromise on strength.

  • Fit for Every Space: Whether adorning a cozy nook or becoming the centerpiece of a room, its design seamlessly fits into contemporary, traditional, and bohemian interiors.

  • Dimensions:

            Lenth: 95 cm

            Width: 40 cm

            Depth: 18 cm

            Weight: 0.7 Kg


Experience a touch of opulence coupled with sustainability. Let the "Auspiciously Single" in "Urban Marble" be a reflection of your refined taste and environmental responsibility.

Hanging Shelf 1-Tier Black & White

SKU: 4.01.U
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