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Introducing the Celestial "Happy Sky Duplet " the 2-tier plant hanger where serene beauty meets sustainable function.

Our Duplet plant hanger, in its medium size, takes a picturesque turn with the "Happy Sky" pattern. This design captures the essence of clear, uncontaminated skies. Light blue gracefully mingles with white and clear, painting a vision of pristine horizons. Every glance at this hanger serves as a gentle reminder of the unblemished beauty of our skies, urging us to preserve the azure expanses above.


Key Features:

  • Celestial Design: The "Happy Sky" pattern offers a tranquil blend of light blue, white, and clear, reflecting untainted horizons and the purity of pollution-free skies.

  • Two-Tiered Elegance: The medium-sized Duplet configuration provides ample space for a diverse plant collection, allowing a captivating vertical garden.

  • Sustainable Material: Crafted from locally recycled plastic, our commitment to eco-conscious design shines through, making this hanger a symbol of beauty and responsibility.

  • Handcrafted Artistry: Each Duplet is meticulously crafted, ensuring that the serenity of the "Happy Sky" design perfectly complements its functional form.

  • Dimensions:

            Length: 90 cm

            Circumference: Bottom 21 cm and Medium 17cm.


Experience the melding of serene design with functional elegance. The "Medium Duplet Happy Sky" doesn't just hold plants; it holds a vision of cleaner, bluer skies and a sustainable tomorrow.

Plant Hanger 2-tier Happy Sky Blue Medium Size

SKU: 2.03.M
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