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Unveiling our Celestial " Happy Sky Trifecta" a 3- tier plant hanger that combines aesthetic allure with an environmental message. Sized perfectly for cozy spaces, this 3-tier plant hanger, crafted from locally recycled plastic, melds function, style, and sustainability in a display that is as striking as it is purposeful.


Key Features:

  • Celestial Circular Design: This medium variation of Trifecta has been kissed by the sky, showcasing a design reminiscent of a pristine day, radiating calm and serenity in any setting.

  • Three-Tiered Display: With three balanced tiers, the "Medium Happy Sky Trifecta" offers a harmonious platform for an assortment of plants, enabling you to establish a verdant vertical retreat.

  • The Happy Sky Message: Imprinted with our "Happy Sky" pattern, a tranquil fusion of light blue, punctuated with pure white and clear, this hanger is more than decor. It's an emblem of clear, unpolluted skies, urging its beholder to treasure and shield our planet's azure canopy.

  • Eco-friendly Craftsmanship: Produced using locally recycled plastic, our "Medium Happy Sky Trifecta" is a testament to sustainable artistry and our pledge to nurture the environment.

  • Versatile Elegance: Its heavenly design complements a myriad of interiors, from minimalist modern to rustic charm, making it a fitting addition to living rooms, balconies, or offices.
  • Dimensions

            Length: 90 cm

           Circumference:  Bottom 21 cm, Medium 17 cm, Top 12 cm


Step into an eco-conscious realm with the "Happy Sky Trifecta." Immerse your space in the tranquil vibes of clean skies and the gentle embrace of nature. Each tier tells a story of sustainability, style, and the sheer beauty of our environment, making it not just a plant hanger, but a statement for a greener tomorrow.

Plant Hanger 3-tier Happy Sky Blue Medium Size

SKU: 3.03.M
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