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Urban Marble Small Solita: Elegance Meets Sustainability

Elevate your living space with the elegant "Urban Marble Small Solita," our black & white 1-tier plant hanger that perfectly marries the timeless elegance of marble with the strength and durability of recycled materials.


Key Features:

  • Urban Marble Design: Our "Urban Marble" pattern evokes the sophisticated beauty of classic marble, offering a modern touch to any decor. Crafted from white, clear, and subtle black shreds, it's a tribute to the artful blend of design and innovation.

  • Compact and Versatile: Its small size makes it a perfect fit for cozy spaces, adding a touch of luxury without overwhelming the area.

  • Sustainability at its Core: Every "Solita" is crafted from recycled plastic, blending environmental consciousness with luxury.

  • Ready-to-Hang: No assembly needed; simply choose the perfect spot and enjoy the transformative beauty of "Urban Marble."

  • Craftsmanship: Each piece is thoughtfully designed, ensuring it's not just a plant hanger but a statement piece for your interiors.

  • Dimensions:

            Length: 60 cm

            Circumference: 17 cm


Rediscover the elegance of marble while making an eco-conscious choice. "Urban Marble Small Solita" is where luxury meets sustainability, offering a unique way to elevate your indoor plant game.

Plant Hanger 1-Tier Black & White Urban Marble Small Size

SKU: 1.01.S
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