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Introducing the "Happy Sky Solita" - A Celestial Dream for Plant Lovers


Elevate the beauty of your indoor greenery with our "Happy Sky Long Solita", a light blue 1-tier  plant hanger designed to infuse your space with both style and sustainability.


Key Features:

  • Celestial Design: The "Happy Sky" pattern paints a serene blend of light blue, punctuated with white and clear, bringing visions of pristine, uncontaminated skies into your home. Not just a design, it serves as a reminder of our commitment to clear, pollution-free horizons.

  • Long and Elegant: This long variation of Solita provides ample space for your plants to cascade and flourish, making it a perfect match for trailing plants or larger greenery.

  • Sustainable Craftsmanship: Crafted from recycled materials, each "Happy Sky Long Solita" stands testament to our dedication to the environment. Embrace sustainability without compromising on style.

  • Versatile Installation: Whether you're aiming to embellish your living room or bedroom, this hanger seamlessly fits any corner of your home. The "Happy Sky" design complements a variety of interior styles, from modern minimalist to coastal chic.

  • Durable and Long-lasting: Carefully designed to bear the weight of your beloved plants and to endure, ensuring longevity and robustness.

  • Dimensions:

            Length: 110 Cm

            Circumference: 21 cm


Immerse your space in the tranquil vibes of a clear day's sky. The "Happy Sky Long Solita" is more than just a plant hanger; it's a promise of a brighter, cleaner, and more stylish tomorrow.

Plant Hanger 1-tier Light Blue Long Size

SKU: 1.03.L
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