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Dive into the purity of a clear horizon with our "Happy Sky Small Duplet". This light blue 2-tier plant hanger, shaped with care from locally recycled plastic, captures the essence of a pristine, untouched sky. Light blue hues combined with moments of white and clear transport you to moments of serene daydreaming, all while enhancing the beauty of your cherished plants.


Key Features:

  • Inspired by Nature: The "Happy Sky" pattern captures the untouched beauty of a clear day, urging us to strive for pollution-free horizons.
  • Compact Design: Perfectly sized for smaller spaces, yet offers ample space for your plants to shine.
  • Locally Recycled Plastic: Crafted from neighborhood plastic waste, our hanger champions environmental sustainability while delivering unmatched aesthetics.
  • Perfect for Various Plant Types: Whether you're showcasing succulents or vibrant flowers, the Duplet makes them stand out.
  • Sustainable Elegance: Not just a decor piece, but a statement of eco-conscious living.
  • Dimensions:

            Length: 60 cm

            Circumference: Bottom 17 cm and Top 12 cm.


Invite the tranquil beauty of a "Happy Sky" into your home or office, and let this celestial blue 2-tier hanger stand as a testament to style interwoven with sustainability.

Plant Hanger 2-Tier Happy Sky Blue Small Size

SKU: 2.03.S
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